Saturday, 19 November 2022

The Woes of Artists and those who steal images


This is a photograph I took in 2008.  Seldom did we see Lake Superior with such a mirrored effect.  I parked the car and stood in the middle of the road and captured this view.  There are only a select few I have allowed to use the image a town publications, I also sold prints of the image to the Town for visitors.

One of them is the Town of Marathon itself.  I have had to chase down people using it for posters and facebook groups and who knows what else.  I had it for sale in Fine Art America and also in Red Bubble.  I was put through a review in Red Bubble as to my ownership of the image.  Ive had current residents of Marathon, try to attribute this image to Doug - the town photographer.  It is not his. Im sure he is not flattered that something I took would be mistaken as his.

I assure you, that I own the image. 

 I have pulled it off all public sites.

  If you wish a copy of it, or blank greeting cards with it on the cover.  Feel free to contact me by emails - put in the heading Entrance of Marathon.  Any use without permission will be pursued.

( Because artists work hard enough for the wage they earn from their works.  If you 'borrow' from the internet, you ARE hurting an artists ability to earn a wage)


Laura Lea Comeau Harrison

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