Tuesday, 20 June 2017


Studio opens in Derby this Saturday June 24th  
    Then regular weekend hours each friday and saturday. 12 to 4pm
     Any other day or times please call ahead ormessage

MAST - Miramichi Aritsts Studio Tour - July 28th, 29th or 30th
     ( check each studios dates and times )
    These studios will all be open that weekend to the public
    Linda Gallant - Neguac  - fine art
    Sandra Bunting - Burnt Church - poetry readings and writer
    Fritz and Christel Frischmuth - Collette - folk art and quilting
    Jay Shree Rai - Miramichi - oils and watercolors
    Sandra Sullivan ( Seven Threads ) - Miramichi - fashion recycling and art
    Pauline Young Matchett - Whitney - fine art - stained glass
    Eydie Paterson -  Oak Point
    Sandy Glidden - Chatham

   and myself here at Firefly studio,

( if you want a printable map - email lauracomeauart@gmail.com - subject line MAP  )

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