Sunday, 8 September 2013

Whats on the easel and almost done 9.8.13

This one has taken a lot of time in thought to layout.  When you sit outside at night and observe
the actual colours that are seen with the naked eye our human brains like to 'correct' for us what
we are seeing.  The tones are very minimal, so this one took a LOT of thinking. I had to collect different
photographs to work from until I felt satisified with what it was I was trying to lay out on the canvas.
This piece will not be for sale until spring but prints will be available through Red at the middle of September.
The original piece will be on display at ARTcadienne - Carrefour Beausolei of Miramichi for a month long exhibiton of my works coming in Feb 2014.
The painting is called Lifes Lesson, showing an adult and a child searching the starry night for the Big Dipper constellation with the book they have. I think most of us have these kinds of childhood memories in one form or another. Enjoy!

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