Monday, 22 July 2013

Beauty or the Beast

I have an extensive perennial garden, many of the plants were already here when we purchased the property. This gorgeous flower and vine has risen on its own, its a wild morning glory or bindweed.  Aptly name since it can strangle out an entire garden.
 I have let a small peice of it growing and have been photographing it.
I started an acrylic of the plant. The flowers are gorgeous but alas I know what must
be done for the safety of the rest of the garden,  so the plant will be immortilized on canvas before
I plot its demise.
Today was block in the canvas and portions for background. I work very loosely when I start, two to three phases before what I get the part I call 'clean up'.  Here is the start of what is on the easel for this Tidal moon evening on July 22, 2013.
I will post photos as I go along. Photo I am working from was taken in the early morning sun for more dramatic lighting.  Lots to go on this one yet.


Third step complete....... one more to go

a couple of minor tweeks here and there but for the most part this is FINI !
( step away from the palette ! )

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