Monday, 4 February 2013

Joy in Experimentation

The dangers of attending too many academic art classes becomes apparent if the student takes what is taught as rule instead of guidance in thought and process. 
'We will now do a painting.Here is your subject matter. Get out your brushes, your canvas and the approved color of paint.' Welcome to the Art Farm.

Now this is all being said with a slight giggle here.

Today I wanted to paint. I didnt want any delays, if I cleaned up my art station first, I would have lost the mood.

So I got out a canvas, turned it over, and wet the entire thing ( thats how I keep my paints pliable in the winter house dryness ) . I squeezed out the black paint on the piece of newspaper and went at it. Nothing pre planned at all.

To my right happened to be the roll of plastic wrap. Lets unroll that now and see what this does on the paint to if I try to smooth it out.

That looked interesting, so I turned over the used wrap and second coated it ultramarine blue and reapplied it to the canvas.  Hmmm.  Now that is interesting too.

Then I took it to the kitchen sink and started running warm tap water.  Got a plastic cup filled it, laid the canvas flat and dropped water on it from about a foot high.  Double hmmm. look at that and those patterns.

Reached for the brush with the left over black paint and let it run all over, tipping here and there. Started to define the trees that seemed to be emerging. Then I got a Q tip, wet it, and started to dab.  Dang water and paint ran all over the cupboard. I grabbed the wet sponge. Well look at what that does on the wet canvas
it creates light by removing the paint.

Now it is sitting flat and drying.  Its not the next Picasso, its not a Monet, but its something I had fun doing
and experimenting with, which is how great art eventually comes to be. By experimentation.  Don't lock yourself into a given formula. Create your own and what emerges will be uniquely yours and yours alone.
Your walls are just as good as any gallery is, if the painting makes you happy!

now a foot note to the above:  I had so much fun with the first one I went back into the studio, might as well my hands are still full of paint. I started thinking about the black light posters I had as a kid and this was the result - baby salmon with lots of color.  I wonder do they still sell blacklight light bulbs, could chill out for sure man ( oh that is so 1970's ! )

PS the above painting was sold to a wonderful budding artist who had to have it for herself - it went to Toronto


  1. . I can just hear your voice when reading that. That's exactly what I have been doing and it is such great fun and exciting really to see what turns up on your canvas. I love it.

  2. I like this painting...very much!

  3. than you both !! and purple monkeys and all danielle !


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