Monday, 14 January 2013

Whats not on the easel 1.14.13

I've been playing with polymer clay, paint, driftwood and moss,
 third one in the Woman in the Woods group.

another new piece to the Woman in the Woods group

I am really enjoying this creative process

Monday, 7 January 2013

Whats on the Easel January 7, 13

Well the majority vote was for adding the wolf - almost done- some tweeks to the wolfs hair yet but hair and skin tones finished on the figure.  I want to thank my niece HannaH for graciously letting me use the photo of her in a woods as the model for Red Riding Hood.  I love that photo !

Hey there Little Red Riding Hood

We are past the holidays and settling into winter, but it doesnt have to be doldrums being stuck in the
house.  Thought I would have some fun in between the ordered works and paint my versions of a couple of fairytales.
This isnt finished.  I am still on the fence about adding the wolfs ears in the bottom left hand corner...
would love to hear what you all think !   I wanted the girls face pensive, but not scared out of her wits so I still debate her relationship in the painting with the wolf.

Should I or shouldnt I ??

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