Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Colors of Fall

Had to share this photo from a gorgeous fall weekend,
taken in our yard.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Whats just started on the easel - French Fort Cove

Thanks to Stacy for taking me, or I still would not have gotten there.
What  a beautiful little place.
A very crooked tree between the rocks caught my eye, hope I can do it justice
for how hard it is working to live in that crevice.
Stage one and layout completed tonight.

    first stage                                 clean up started and mapping             ........ almost done

Happy to say that this one has SOLD and has a new home in Belgium Wisconsin  USA !

Monday, 30 September 2013

Whats finished and down off the easel 9.30.13

worked from a photograph taken at the back of our house in spring of a 'baby' fern stretching its
self out, a small painting but a sweet one ! Oak leaf, cedar sheddings and pine needles coupled with
the spring fern against our cement foundation. Art is everywhere, you just have to look around.

Title: The New and the Old

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Whats on the easel and almost done 9.8.13

This one has taken a lot of time in thought to layout.  When you sit outside at night and observe
the actual colours that are seen with the naked eye our human brains like to 'correct' for us what
we are seeing.  The tones are very minimal, so this one took a LOT of thinking. I had to collect different
photographs to work from until I felt satisified with what it was I was trying to lay out on the canvas.
This piece will not be for sale until spring but prints will be available through Red bubble.com at the middle of September.
The original piece will be on display at ARTcadienne - Carrefour Beausolei of Miramichi for a month long exhibiton of my works coming in Feb 2014.
The painting is called Lifes Lesson, showing an adult and a child searching the starry night for the Big Dipper constellation with the book they have. I think most of us have these kinds of childhood memories in one form or another. Enjoy!

Monday, 22 July 2013

Beauty or the Beast

I have an extensive perennial garden, many of the plants were already here when we purchased the property. This gorgeous flower and vine has risen on its own, its a wild morning glory or bindweed.  Aptly name since it can strangle out an entire garden.
 I have let a small peice of it growing and have been photographing it.
I started an acrylic of the plant. The flowers are gorgeous but alas I know what must
be done for the safety of the rest of the garden,  so the plant will be immortilized on canvas before
I plot its demise.
Today was block in the canvas and portions for background. I work very loosely when I start, two to three phases before what I get the part I call 'clean up'.  Here is the start of what is on the easel for this Tidal moon evening on July 22, 2013.
I will post photos as I go along. Photo I am working from was taken in the early morning sun for more dramatic lighting.  Lots to go on this one yet.


Third step complete....... one more to go

a couple of minor tweeks here and there but for the most part this is FINI !
( step away from the palette ! )

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Whats on the easel on this terribly hot weekend.

Working on watercolours of the wee folk and fairies for the Irish festival on July 18-21st
come to Water Street Gallery and see whats amiss !

this one is in progress not done yet........

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Water Street Gallery

Most everyone knows I am managing Water Street Gallery here in Chatham NB
with 14 quality artists on site including myself.

Next weekend all the leprechauns break loose in Chatham who has the largest
Irish population in all of canada when we celebrate Irish Fest.

The gallery is going to feature a wall of Celtic and Folklore art for that week.
I am working on another series of Fairies, my side passion in Watercolour.
Photos will be posted as it progresses and I hope many of you stop in to see
what we will have up at 1732 Water Street Miramichi/Chatham NB !

Friday, 17 May 2013

Waltz of the Belle Flowers

Becky Tripp from BC has been composing again - this time its Waltz of the Belleflowers
my drawing of Belle and the Bell Flowers is the second last image.

what fun!

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Happy Mothers day to all my friends

its raining, but its warm, its cloudy but the black flies are behaving
so we are going fishing for mothersday ! and maybe I will find
some inspiration to put on canvas!

Everyone go enjoy what you like the best !! XOXO and receive lots of love from
your children on this Mothers Day!

Monday, 6 May 2013

Water Street Gallery

All originals and prints will be sold through Water street Gallery in Chatham/Miramichi NB
Any commission inquiries send directly to me at: lauracomeauart@gmail.com

June Art exhibition query

just got a heads up regarding an art exhibition called the Festival of Nature - with the Naturalists club
in Chatham - I put out a query for more information - if you are also interested - send me a note and I will
forward it when I find out the details.  LLC

Whats on the Easel May 1st 2013

with all the fishing going on around here I just had to......!!

Friday, 5 April 2013

Whats on the Easel - 4.5.13

something whimsical - a lobster going on Vacation seeing the outside world - other than a grocery store death tank of course....

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Waking with an Artists Smile

When I get up in the morning and I still have paint on my hands somewhere and the first thing I do is
run downstairs to see what the canvas looks like, I get a classic 'Artists Smile'. Its just like christmas 
morning and presents, except I am checking to see whats on the canvas.
Art life is good.

Monday, 4 February 2013

Joy in Experimentation

The dangers of attending too many academic art classes becomes apparent if the student takes what is taught as rule instead of guidance in thought and process. 
'We will now do a painting.Here is your subject matter. Get out your brushes, your canvas and the approved color of paint.' Welcome to the Art Farm.

Now this is all being said with a slight giggle here.

Today I wanted to paint. I didnt want any delays, if I cleaned up my art station first, I would have lost the mood.

So I got out a canvas, turned it over, and wet the entire thing ( thats how I keep my paints pliable in the winter house dryness ) . I squeezed out the black paint on the piece of newspaper and went at it. Nothing pre planned at all.

To my right happened to be the roll of plastic wrap. Lets unroll that now and see what this does on the paint to if I try to smooth it out.

That looked interesting, so I turned over the used wrap and second coated it ultramarine blue and reapplied it to the canvas.  Hmmm.  Now that is interesting too.

Then I took it to the kitchen sink and started running warm tap water.  Got a plastic cup filled it, laid the canvas flat and dropped water on it from about a foot high.  Double hmmm. look at that and those patterns.

Reached for the brush with the left over black paint and let it run all over, tipping here and there. Started to define the trees that seemed to be emerging. Then I got a Q tip, wet it, and started to dab.  Dang water and paint ran all over the cupboard. I grabbed the wet sponge. Well look at what that does on the wet canvas
it creates light by removing the paint.

Now it is sitting flat and drying.  Its not the next Picasso, its not a Monet, but its something I had fun doing
and experimenting with, which is how great art eventually comes to be. By experimentation.  Don't lock yourself into a given formula. Create your own and what emerges will be uniquely yours and yours alone.
Your walls are just as good as any gallery is, if the painting makes you happy!

now a foot note to the above:  I had so much fun with the first one I went back into the studio, might as well my hands are still full of paint. I started thinking about the black light posters I had as a kid and this was the result - baby salmon with lots of color.  I wonder do they still sell blacklight light bulbs, could chill out for sure man ( oh that is so 1970's ! )

PS the above painting was sold to a wonderful budding artist who had to have it for herself - it went to Toronto

Friday, 1 February 2013

Its almost Ground Hog day - whats on the Easel

Today has been some of the most bizarre winter weather I have experienced in my 50 plus years. High winds up to plus 11C or around 50F on January 31st. The grass is green but I know its just a mirage in the season of things.  Hers whats on the easel.  the 10x20 is almost finished and the little watercolour, well that was just for fun ! I am sure the snow will be back soon, the weekend weather forecast is for exactly that.

Monday, 14 January 2013

Whats not on the easel 1.14.13

I've been playing with polymer clay, paint, driftwood and moss,
 third one in the Woman in the Woods group.

another new piece to the Woman in the Woods group

I am really enjoying this creative process

Monday, 7 January 2013

Whats on the Easel January 7, 13

Well the majority vote was for adding the wolf - almost done- some tweeks to the wolfs hair yet but hair and skin tones finished on the figure.  I want to thank my niece HannaH for graciously letting me use the photo of her in a woods as the model for Red Riding Hood.  I love that photo !

Hey there Little Red Riding Hood

We are past the holidays and settling into winter, but it doesnt have to be doldrums being stuck in the
house.  Thought I would have some fun in between the ordered works and paint my versions of a couple of fairytales.
This isnt finished.  I am still on the fence about adding the wolfs ears in the bottom left hand corner...
would love to hear what you all think !   I wanted the girls face pensive, but not scared out of her wits so I still debate her relationship in the painting with the wolf.

Should I or shouldnt I ??

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