Monday, 31 December 2012

On to 2013

Today is the last day of the year.
My promise for the new year:
Not to hold the past as part of the future.
To see each person as individual and not part of a groups past.
To value what each individual contributes as a person to this world

 and celebrate our diversity as a whole. The problems of the earth 
are all of our problems and the colours of the rainbow would not be so bright
 if it were not for the ones standing next to them. Hugs and love in the new year.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Fostering Creativity and Free Thinking in Art

When we decide to take on the title of 'artist' we now accept the role of presenting our hearts and emotions for everyone to see.
A true artist paints from the depths of their soul, and goes to those places of inspiration that cant be seen by the naked eye.  It can be a hard road, it can be a happy road, but none the less is a less traveled road.

Art is not about how many classes you can attend and complete, its about how many classes is life you can complete and then relate visually to all to see.  That is the truth in art.  If a patron to a gallery stands for more than three minutes trying to understand the visual you just presented to them from your soul, then you have accomplished engaging their minds into trying to understand another human being and how they may see something different than you do. It develops empathy.
Fostering Free Thinking and Expression in art for children and adults is essential to emotional and mental growth - to developing that empathy towards another.

Art is not about giving an assignment and production for an exhibition.  Art is about celebrating
the diversity of the artists and presenting works for exhibition.  Any thing less removes the human component of the art and turns it into a managed factory of humans who just happen to be able to paint.

A friend sent me a saying that artists were dangerous because they accept or try to understand everyone. It may be true.
There is nothing more detrimental to the human spirit as putting limitations on their development.

Laura Lea C

‘The human spirit is in prison. Prison is what I call this world, the given world of necessity… man is not only of this world but of another world; not only of necessity but of freedom … the essential in artistic creativity is victory over the burden of necessity.’ Berdyaev, The Meaning of the Creative Act

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