Sunday, 30 September 2012

Todays event for Culture Days NB

The weather was not the most cooperative for our 'paint' out. I opted for a drawing tablet in case we had to pack up and run because of the rain. It was a tad chilly.
The finished piece is a collage of two photos,  an outing with a young child and the playground behind the Scotia Bnk on Water Street in Chatham.
Done with Prismacolour pencils on a sketch pad.

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Paint out for Culture Days in Chatham/Miramichi NB

Pauline Young and myself enjoying the weather while it lasted - the art group had to end early due to rain on its way in for the afternoon.

Friday, 28 September 2012

Whats on the Easel - End of September 2012

I was admiring another colleagues painting of a forest fire, loved the colors in it. Then I got to thinking about  the wildlife and its run from such an event.  I had this image stuck in my head so of course onto the canvas it went. My wonderful spouse will be making the frame for it shortly
Small one, 6x8 acrylic. Barn Owl

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Historic Paint Out - Chatham/Miramichi this Saturday

This Saturday September 29th, all across New Brunswick there will be a celebration of the arts  for Culture Days.  In the Miramichi area there will be writing workshops hosted by Kellie Underhill editor of Bread N Molasses E-Magazine as well as the third annual 'Paint Out' with the Miramichi Art Core Group in downtown Chatham on Water street.

Here is a link to Kellies article for the group at Bread N Molasses.


I will be finishing my painting of the Flat Iron Building on Waterstreet. Come and see the completion
of the work!

Members of the Miramichi Art Core at the Ritchie Wharf Summer Gallery.
(I am not in the photo )

Monday, 10 September 2012

Experimentation and Creativity

I've been doing a great deal of experimentation for backgrounds on canvas.

I have had university training, but it dawned on me while squirting and swishing paint
all over a canvas with rags to saran wrap, that its that childlike 'fun' mode of your
brain that really brings out those happenstance effects and well, are the most satisfying
( when you get an accidental masterpiece ) .

Schooling and training will give you the ability to know your colours, and how things react on canvas
and what the rules are about this and that, but!  its the childlike abandon that really
creates the piece that is fun to the eye of the viewer!

If you are alone in your studio, put on some music and get out the squirt bottles and sprayers
and throw to abandon and paint!
( P.S. keep a mop and sponge handy )

Lichen photographed on a rock at Pukaskwa National Park

My photo
Derby - Miramichi, New Brunswick, Canada
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